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Rent A Cottage

We make it easy for you to find and rent the perfect cottage for your next vacation. Browse the categories below to find your perfect cottage, or simply call us at 1-877-218-5370 and our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you choose from 250+ privately owned and loved cottages in Muskoka and beyond:

You can use our search tool to search based on such variables as location, lake, number of bedrooms, amenities, or cost. Our Availability Calendar lets you see at a glance which cottages are available and when. You can search all cottages to find properties available based on date. You can peruse our detailed profiles for the cottage that appeals to you the most. Of course, you can also call us for our suggestions. We’ve been to every cottage on our roster, and we’re happy to help.

We’ll call you back to confirm details and to make sure the cottage you’ve chosen is the right fit for you. Are you more interested in swimming or fishing? Do you want spectacular sunsets? Do you have young children who require a shallow, sandy beach? We’ll confirm that the choice you’ve made will meet all of your criteria for a great holiday, or we’ll guide you to another that would be more suitable.

Once your booking is confirmed, you’ll receive a personalized “Life at the Cottage” package designed to enhance your cottage vacation.

Please refer to Frequently Asked Questions for information on our application and booking process. Please contact us with any additional questions or requests for information.