Things to Do in Muskoka: A Year-Round Guide to Vacation Activities

Things to Do in Muskoka: A Year-Round Guide to Vacation Activities

Whether you’re visiting during the blooming spring, sunny summer, vibrant fall, or snowy winter, there are myriad things to do in Muskoka. The region offers a diverse range of activities for every season, with its natural beauty, charming towns, and abundant recreational opportunities. For those on a budget, the end of the article includes free things to do in Muskoka.

Things To Do in Muskoka in Spring

Spring Weather Report

Spring brings blooming flowers and renewed energy to the Muskoka region after the snowy winter months. In March, average temperatures range from -10°C to 3°C, increasing to 4°C to 18°C in May.

While nature is waking up and starting to bloom, the mosquitoes start reappearing as well, especially near standing water like lakes, rivers, and wetlands, where they breed. Repellent and long sleeves are recommended to have on hand.

Spring Holidays

Spring has several holidays, including Easter and Victoria Day. Easter is a Christian holiday on the first Sunday after the first full Moon on or after the spring equinox, March 21st, and is celebrated over the course of a long weekend with church services, Easter egg hunts, and family events meals. There are various community events throughout Muskoka that organize Easter egg hunts and family-friendly events during this time.

Victoria Day is another long weekend, with a holiday on the Monday preceding May 25th . It marks the beginning of the summer season in Canada. Celebrations usually include fireworks, parades, live music, and community festivals. Muskoka’s most popular event during this weekend is the Bracebridge Fireworks Festival, with the Muskoka River as the backdrop for the brilliant light show.

Spring Driving

Driving can be challenging due to the fog, especially in the mornings, melting snow and rain that cause wet and slippery roads, and potholes that were hidden all winter and haven’t been fixed yet.

Spring Activities

Some fun activities in the fresh weather in Muskoka include:

  • A hike around Hardy Lake Provincial Park as the water thaws.
  • Check out Muskoka’s waterfalls, like Bracebridge Falls, as they come to life during the spring.
  • Canoeing and kayaking on Muskoka’s crystal-clear waters of Lake Rosseau. Explore hidden coves, watch for wildlife, and enjoy the serenity of nature.
  • Playing golf at one of Muskoka’s renowned courses, like Deerhurst, North Granite Ridge, The Rock or Rocky Crest, with beautifully manicured fairways against a backdrop of budding trees and blossoming flowers.
Early morning hike at Hardy Lake between Gravenhurst and Torrence

Things To Do in Muskoka in Summer

Summer Weather

Summer is the peak season for outdoor adventures in Muskoka. Temperatures range from 14°C in the coldest early June days to the low 40s°C in the peak of summer.

Summer is peak bug activity, with not just mosquitoes but black flies making their entrance. Also known as “no-see-ums,” they can be quite irksome, especially in heavily wooded areas. Again, repellent and long sleeves are recommended, especially at dusk and dawn.

Summer Holidays

While the summer months of July and August are a two month holiday for anyone lucky enough to still be in school, there are a few holidays for everyone.

Canada Day on July 1st is Canada’s national day, celebrating the anniversary of independence. There are many Canada Day events in Muskoka, featuring fireworks, concerts, outdoor barbecues, parades, and family-friendly activities. The Bracebridge Midnight Madness event features live entertainment, vendors, and a fireworks show at midnight.

Then on the first Monday of August is the Civic Holiday. It is observed across Canada, but its name varies by province. In Muskoka, you can find various summer activities such as festivals, art shows, farmers’ markets, and outdoor concerts during this long weekend.

Summer Driving

The biggest danger in driving during the summer aren’t the conditions, as the roads are typically dry and clear, but rather the increased traffic, especially on weekends and during holidays. Be mindful of not just other drivers and pedestrians, but the cyclists that may go unnoticed and be in your blind spot.

Summer Activities

Here are some activities to make your summer visit memorable:

  • Sandy beaches, like Bracebridge Bay Park and Hanna Park, ideal for swimming, sunbathing, and picnicking, are abundant in Muskoka.
  • Rent a boat or jet ski at North Lakes Marine or Lake of Bays Marina and go water skiing or wakeboarding on Lake Muskoka. If you’d like to learn, book a lesson. For a mellower time on the water, paddleboard or join a guided tour to explore Muskoka’s vast waterways.
  • For a quieter time on the water, head to Lake of Bays and rent a canoe, kayak, or paddleboard.
  • Enjoy the farmers’ markets and festivals to sample fresh produce, shop for local artisanal goods, and experience the culture of the region.
  • The annual summertime Tall Pines Music Festival has a diverse lineup of talented musicians from various genres, providing a memorable experience for music enthusiasts in a beautiful outdoor setting.


Things To Do In Muskoka Fall

Fall Weather

Fall activities in Muskoka are about enjoying the stunning autumn foliage and a vibrant atmosphere. September has temperatures ranging from 3°C to 21°C, dropping to -1°C to 5°C in November.

As the weather starts to cool down, mosquitos and black flies start to disappear. Other insects, especially pollinators like bees, wasps, and hornets may still be present, particularly around flowers and outdoor food sources, as they fill their nectar reserves before winter hits. Furthermore, ticks are another concern, especially in tall grasses and wooded areas. Checking for ticks after spending time outdoors is highly recommended, as they can transfer Lyme Disease to those unfortunate enough to get bit.

Fall Holidays

The first Monday in September is Labour Day. The last hurrah of the summer before the kids return to school, families and friends can take advantage of a final long weekend together while the weather is still pleasant, as the summer is saying its goodbyes and the leaves are starting to change colours. Then, on the second Monday in October is Canadian Thanksgiving. (American Thanksgiving is in November.) This is a time for gratitude for the season’s harvest, for friends and family, and for starting to put on the layer of winter blubber in the form of a giant feast, usually centred around roast turkey. The Bala Cranberry Festival is a popular Muskokan Thanksgiving-themed event, featuring cranberry-themed activities, live music, local vendors, and delicious food.

Fall Driving

The driving challenges in autumn are generally slippery wet roads, fallen leaves that hide potholes and contribute to the slipperiness, and foggy mornings caused by temperature changes as the sun shines that hinder visibility.

Fall Activities

Here are some activities to enjoy during this colorful season:

  • Leaf-peeping and hiking Muskoka’s numerous hiking trails, like Algonquin Provincial Park to witness the breathtaking fall colors firsthand.
  • For the brave at heart, get an arial view of the colourful leaves by climbing the Dorset Tower.
  • Boat Cruises on one of the region’s picturesque lakes are a great way to enjoy the stunning views while savoring a hot drink.
  • Discover local farms and go apple-picking, taste freshly baked goods, and enjoy a farm-to-table experience.


Things To Do In Muskoka Winter

Winter Weather

The cold Muskoka winter temperatures range from -20°C to around 0°C at the warmest, with January and February being the coldest months of the year. If you’re outside, make sure to dress warmly with heavy coats, hats, gloves, and insulated footwearHere are some exciting things to do in muskoka for when the glistening snow transforms the region into a winter wonderland:

With the cold weather and freezing of water, winter banishes the mosquitoes, black flies, and most other insects into a dormant state or death. The only bugs prevalent are indoor spiders or house flies particularly in heated environments.

Winter Holidays

The two biggest holidays in Winter are Christmas and New Year’s. Muskokan towns decorate their streets with festive lighting and host Christmas Santa Claus parades, winter markets, tree lighting ceremonies, holiday markets, sleigh rides, and special events at local resorts. Christmas is also a great time for winter activities like ice skating, snowshoeing, and skiing. Then, just under a week later on New Year’s, there are many New Year’s Eve dinners, live music, fireworks displays, parties, and midnight countdown celebrations hosted by local establishments.

Winter Driving

In winter, driving is more hazardous due to the freezing temperatures causing icy, slippery roads, and reduced visibility during snowstorms. Winter tires are an absolute must, and snow chain

s are a great idea. Make sure your battery is good, as it works harder to start your car in cold weather, and your wipers are working well. A remote car starter is a huge bonus, to allow your vehicle to warm up without you having to go outside to turn it on and then wait. Having a CAA membership is also highly recommended, in case of an emergency, as well as an emergency car kit consisting of gloves, hats, a blanket, a first aid kit, booster cables, a small shovel and a flashlight. As for driving, make sure to follow speed limits, drive defensively, and be prepared for snowplows, using caution when passing them. Knowing how to get your car out of a snowbank may come in handy as well.

Winter Activities



Free Things To Do In Muskoka

Muskoka offers lots of free activities for those looking to experience the beauty of the region without breaking the bank.

  • Nature Walks and Hiking Trails – there are numerous trails and parks that offer free access for visitors, like the Muskoka Riverwalk in Bracebridge or the Limberlost Nature Reserve near Huntsville.
  • There are many parks throughout Muskoka where you might see some wildlife, like Annie Williams Memorial Park, Kerr Park, and Arrowhead Provincial Park.Enjoy the beach at Bracebridge Bay Park or Gull Lake Park, where you can relax, swim, sunbathe, and picnic.
  • Muskoka’s stunning waterfalls like Bracebridge Falls, Wilson’s Falls, and High Falls in Bracebridge are accessible without an admission fee.
  • Many local art galleries and studios offer free admission and showcase the local creative community.
  • Muskoka has free festivals, concerts, and community events throughout the year, from Canada Day celebrations to outdoor concerts and cultural festivals, so make sure to check the calendar.
  • Take a scenic drive through the Muskoka Lakes Scenic Route and Highway 14 to admire the stunning landscapes, pristine lakes, and charming towns.

With its stunning natural landscapes, beautiful lakes, delightful towns, and numerous recreational options, Muskoka offers something for everyone throughout the year, no matter the budget, season, or weather.